destitute care home

In Kerala, thousands of students are denied the value based education due to the lack of economic support. It is the duty wested up on our community to bring up the downtrodden to front of society . The trust bears all of their expenses.


The misleading and aimless students from smartness family are given value education in Islamic culture. They are getting directions and practices in personality development and extracurricular activities.

home care orphanage

The orphans ranging from age of 3 are unwilling to departure their family and quenching with the endless love of maternity. Gousiyya teaches those students in their own houses by under taking all expenses.


The title of the founder ‘Gareeb Navaz of South India’ become true to the sense with excess glittering through compassionate and kind hearted activities under the trust. Relief enterprises are progressing as it was in his time. Providing financial assistance for marriage, house construction , rice distribution , medical help and water supply are most significant among them.

8th തത്സമയ പരിപാടി&
ബുർദ മജിലിസ്

ബുർദ മജിലിസ്

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æ­qÀ aJmw jco^v

മുത്ത് നബിയോടുള്ള സ്നേഹം  മനസ്സിൽ  നിറച്ച മഹാനായ പണ്ഡിതനായിരുന്നു    അബ്ദുൽ ഖാദിർ മുസ്ലിയാർ  (റ) ഒരു സൂഫി എന്നാൽ ഒരു പൊതുജന സേവകനും  ബുർധ ദർസ്  ഉറൂസ് തത്സമയ പരിപാടി  ആമുഖ വലതു വശം കാരുണ്യ പ്രവർത്തനം  ബുർദ മജിലിസ്  മറ്റു വലതു വശം കസീദതുൽ ബുർദ